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Search Engine Optimisation for Growing Businesses

If you’ve come to the conclusion you need SEO, congratulations.

Chances are, it means you are already ahead of the pack.

You see it now; what it will take to see the business that you know is out there, come knocking on your door.

Or ringing your number or sending that enquiry.

The Magic of SEO

The wonder of SEO (done properly) is that it is a sort of magic.

Making that little notification chime on your phone sing with the sound of new business, new sales, new possibilities.

Magic? It might be something you normally associate with Disney corp (TM).

But there is something enchanting about how the application of a few unimpressive unseen actions mystically transforms an otherwise dormant website into a money-making portal to beyond.

I realise I may be exaggerating slightly but I have a point to make.

Firstly, in the world of digital commerce (or as we call it these days, commerce) dreams can come true.

Secondly, those dreams being realised are closer to reality than you think.

(Re) Creating Reality through Organic Search

Ok, enough of the fairytale language, let’s get down to the nuts & bolts.

SEO isn’t new, and contrary to what some ad-men tell you it still works. Very effectively.

How can that be?

Because SEO gives you access to your market in a way unlike any other channel.

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – connects your solution with the customer’s problem.

The hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of people who will be sleepless over the mountain of an issue they are face will tomorrow get on their phones, open their browser and search for the answer.

I need a financial advisor/ dentist/ plumber/ tax accountant/ divorce lawyer/ tutor/ renovation builder/ relationships coach /mortgage broker (you get the idea, and they are just the obvious B2C examples).

Now if you happen to be a financial advisor/ dentist/ plumber/ tax accountant/ divorce lawyer/ tutor/ renovation builder/ relationships coach /mortgage broker (insert your business) wouldn’t you want to be the owner of the website they find & click on?

Multiply that situation by X and you can see how the dreams for your business might be closer than you think.

Find the Right SEO Guide

As I mentioned, SEO isn’t new, but it is evolving. Constantly and rapidly.

To navigate it, your going to need a guide.

Yes, I realise as a self-proclaimed SEO Guide (TM) that might seem self-serving.

But when you’ve been called to the scene of multitudes of SEO murders, businesses butchered by bad backyard Seo’s, you feel the need to say something.

There’s only so much CPR a website can take before the sheet is pulled over it and we need to commit it back to its maker.

Finding someone you trust to take the reins and get you to where YOU want to go is essential.

SEO for Results, not Jargon-speak

The fact is I could list a whole range of actions here that we undertake for our clients every month.

To be honest, it might look impressive but I think you’d agree it’s boring.

What’s far more important than backlinks, blogs and fixing bad site structure is what it means for your business.

All the activity in the world is pointless if it doesn’t move the needle of what’s important to you.

Sales, leads, enquiries.

That’s the real-world reward system for our SEO. Not indecipherable graphs & tables & meanless metrics.

SEO by Digital Dynamic

If you need SEO we can help.

Our approach is centred on what you need. If we think we can help, we will tell you. If we don’t think we can, same thing.

  • We will gather the mission-critical information from you before we even begin.
  • We will research your market, providing you will insights into where the opportunities lie.
  • We will run the ruler over your current digital footright, identifying gaps that will need to be filled
  • We will create a map for how your site would best work for SEO
  • We will work to create & craft content (with your say so) to fit the plan
  • We will invest time each month in enhancing the value of your digital asset, your website
  • We will report to you each month is plain language about what matters to you (not to us)
  • We will seek feedback from you to understand how what we’re doing is helping what you’re doing
  • We will provide advice as to how we can make your business more profitable
  • We will be your ally in giving you a stealthy advantage over your competitors
  • We will work in the background to take stress off you, not put it on you
  • We will champion the cause of your business, even when we’re not on the clock

If you’re the type of business owner or manager we think you are, we want to work with you.

Let us provide you the SEO you deserve.


If you think this could be a fit and you want to know more, send us an enquiry via the button below.