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Bruce Chant, Digital Dynamic Founder

We harnass what we know to enhance what you do. What we know is SEO & digital marketing.

Bruce Chant

Dynamic. A force that stimulates progress or change.

Digital is our native environment. It might not be yours.

But it is where your potential clients and customers go. Our dynamic is to position your business to best capitalise on your online marketplace.

We have done this for over 14 years for 100s of businesses just like yours.

Using a keen understanding of how your market is placed and how your customers think, we create & implement digital marketing strategies that grow your business in a measurable way.

Bruce Chant

Digital Dynamic was founded by Bruce Chant in 2018. Having had a successful career in agency land, including as Account Director of one of Australia’s most successful SEO digital agencies, it was time to launch out into something new.

Digital Dynamic was the result. We focus on high results, low fuss SEO, both for individual businesses & marketing agencies. We’re proud of our results and would love to share how we could make a massive difference in your business too.


Digital Dynamic has been built on Search Engine Optimisation. It is our bread & butter, our go-to, our one wood; you get the idea!

We believe we can get incredible results for your business with our customised SEO services. We do this for the following:

Custom SEO services for Australian-based businesses

White-label solutions for marketing agencies

SEO training & consulting


Our goal at Digital Dynamic is not just to sell you a service. Our purpose is to help your business thrive. There are situations where SEO is not the right solution or only part of the solution for you. In those cases, we can recommend a partner & work with you to help achieve your desired outcome. Speak to us also about:

Website Design & Development

Marketing Automation

Search & Social Advertising