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So you have an idea or an existing business that you are looking to start. The first thing people do is think of a name. You will need to search the domain register to see if the domain is free.

Where to buy a domain?

We get all of our domains from here we tend to check if the .com is available and as we are in Australia we buy It is rare that .com will be available but / .net / are worth checking and buying should you want to make sure others don’t buy your domain. You can also use those domains and redirect them to your site when it is up and running.

Why you should buy your name domain

When you start a business one of the things forgotten is people will search for your name. Please consider buying your name as a domain so people can still find you and your business. It’s an extra means of getting found.

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How to Buy a Domain

  1. Click Here to Buy Your Domain

2. Click on Domains in the header and search for the domain you would like. Remember to search for your name domain as well.

3. Add to cart

4. Select how many years you would like to register your domain for

5. Select your privacy option

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