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If you are considering Keap for growing your business then you are not alone. Let’s dive deep into what Keap (formerly Infusionsoft) is.

Keap is a marketing automation platform. Combined in Keap is your powerful CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. Keap contains an advanced email marketing platform and it also includes a shopping cart as well. Basically Keap allows you to grow your business with sales, marketing and automation.

Simply put with Keap you can collect more leads for your business, convert your leads to clients and then turn your clients into raving fans of your business.  

If you are new to automation Keap is passionate about Lifecycle Marketing. Lifecycle Marketing is the three phase framework that looks at how your business collects, converts and creates fans into a self sustaining process. Lifecycle Marketing in your business allows you to create a plan to grow and scale your business. Wouldn’t it be great to set up a system that allows you to grow and scale without the chaos?

I have written a detailed post about Lifecycle Marketing  here that you can read to find out more. 

For now let’s continue to learn about what Keap is and it’s features.

Keap’s Email Marketing Platform

Keap has an advanced but easy to use email marketing platform. It is different to other email platforms as you can use segmentation to trigger and personalise nurture campaigns to your audience. Keap also allows you to brand your emails using stunning templates whereby you can create engaging marketing newsletters and broadcasts. Keap allows you to deliver the right message to the right client by activating key campaigns based on client behaviour. For example you can start the sales process campaign when you see your prospect has read all your emails, engagement is tracked so you only sell when you know they are hot leads.

When you combine email marketing with automation in your business you will generate more revenue, nurture more leads, close more deals and keep customers engaged and delighted! 44% of prospects will move to another company when you are slow with follow up. With Keap’s email and automation capabilities you will reply faster with less chaos and less stress.

Keap allows your leads to start receiving emails that are relevant to their interests. Keap allows your leads to be engaged, nurtured and moving closer to action and doing business with you over your competition.

Email marketing with Keap is not just about closing one sale. Keap wants you to have repeat business from your clients. Email marketing allows for newsletters and automated emails that drive to repeat sales and long term revenue. 

When you make the switch we do have an easy and free migration service. Making the switch from Mailchimp, Constant Contact is seamless so you don’t have an interruption in your business.

Here’s what Keap’s email marketing automation software will do for you in your business.

  • Combine email templates with easy to use automations to nurture, leads, save time and create recurring revenue.
  • Automatically segments your contacts in Keap’s CRM by behaviour and personal information for greater targeting.
  • Reporting to track campaign effectiveness

How Small Business use Keap’s Email Marketing

Keap’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

With Keap you get to stay organised with a premium client management system for your business. Not only do you provide an optimised customer experience and effectively manage your day-to-day. Keap allows you to effectively manage your relationships with your new leads and customers. You will be able to track your clients and monitor all communications and nurture these relationships towards action. 

Keap’s CRM put all your contact’s details in one place for you. All your lead and client info is organised. The great thing about Keap’s CRM is you will be able to track each and every client and lead in your system in real time. 

With Keap’s CRM you will be able to track client payments. You can end and receive payments using most of the prominent names in ecommerce  including Stripe, payPal and WePay)

Appointments in Keap

Keap is not only an email platform and CRM but it is also your appointment scheduling software. With Keap leads can easily book your services and you can activate tailored follow ups. 

Keap seamlessly integrates with your Google and Outlook calendar. You will be able to automate this whole process. When you organise your appointments in Keap you will book more meetings and automate appointment reminders and personalised follow up. 

 Ecommerce + Payments with Keap

With Keap you can process payments right in your CRM. There are native processors that can be used including Stripe (my favourite), Pay Pal, We pay, EVO and Eway. 

With Keap’s ecommerce and payments it is easy for clients to pay you. When you send an invoice you can set up your invoice with a pay now button to make this process clear and concise. 

With Keap you can send a quote directly to your customers within the software. Keap’s CRM with invoicing allows you to send a personalised quote directly to your current and prospective customers. 

You will also get access to reporting within Keap to track sales and see success metrics as your business sales multiply. 

Keap also connects with software tools seamlessly. Keap’s powerful CRM connects easily to all the data, apps, and devices that are behind the day-to-day operations of your business. That includes Gmail, PayPal, and Quickbooks, allowing you to trigger automations and sell more effectively.

Selling online is streamlined and easier for your business. You can invoice and process payments and boost sales with Keap. 

Sales, Marketing + Automation Software

With Keap you can save time by automating repetitive tasks. Capturing leads and sending personalised follow ups will save you hours in your week! 

With automation you will eliminate the backwards and forwards communication that happens when someone wants to do business with you or find out more about what you offer.

You will be able to be the first on the inbox and stop your potential client from going to your competitor because you don’t respond quickly enough. Did you know 44% of potential clients will move onto another company because the response time is not quick enough.

Keap brings lifestyle flexibility so you can spend more time with family because you know tasks are automated. Clients are getting looked after and nurtured automatically and you can track where each client is at with you.

One thing I love about Keap is being able to speak to certain leads based on the form that is designed to start their customer journey with our business. New leads are also given the opportunity to ask a question, that way when we get on a call I have an answer and can help directly with their issue. 

Not everyone is ready to buy from you when you want them too. It takes a journey. Some people like to research. This is where nurturing your new leads towards action is vital. Keap allows you to give the right message to the right people and when they are ready the process is easy for them to do business with you and not your competitors. Keap allows you to always be at the top of the inbox and therefore at the forefront of their mind. This is the power of Keap.

With Keap Sales + marketing Automation you can go from easy to more complex advanced automation.

  • Send emails and follow-ups to potential clients
  • Take leads from contact form to appointment booked
  • Schedule reminders of client’s appointments
  • Turn new leads into new deals in your sales pipeline, with emails about offerings and promotions to follow
  • Send invoice reminders and thank you emails

And much more….

How Small Businesses use Sales and Marketing Automation with Keap

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