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When you want to buy Keap you will need to buy through a Keap Certified Partner. Ruth will work with you to determine what Keap Software platform is best for you. This is dependant on a few factors so it is always best to book a call to see if Keap Pro or Keap Max Classic is best for your business.

How Did Ruth Chant Become a Certified Keap Partner?

I fell in love with Keap after I saw I could actually automate me sales and create predictable growth. At the time I ran an education training business. I loved the software so much that when I was at home with my last chiId I studied and trained to became a Keap Certified Consultant.

It was such a sense of accomplishment to complete the training. As a consultant I help business owners to make a real difference in their business.

How Do I Help Small Business Owners?

I help enable business owners to get the most they can out of Keap. You will also have the opportunity to get the Keap Small Business Automation Foundations. Everything you need to get started with Keap. As a Keap client with us you will also get access to office hours whereby you can ask questions and get help with your business.

What Keap Services Do You Provide?

As a Keap Certified Consultant Ruth can guide you on the most suitable Keap platform for your business. This will depend on the stage of business you are in, what you biggest issues are, your online presence and what you would like to do.

We have our Small Business Automation Foundations Package which we recommend to get you started with Keap.

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